Effective Tips + Hacks to Running a Successful Online Business

If you are an online business, you already know how important it is to have a regular customer base.

According to Statista, there were about 69 million eCommerce shoppers in India last year. This only goes to show the growing competition you have to battle in order to reach the top.

Here are some cost-effective tips and hacks, you can incorporate into your online business. These tips have been proven to help your business gain the spotlight it deserves.

Hacks & tips for your online business:

  • An awesome website:

Though most businesses these days prefer using social media channels as a means to market, the best practice is to also have a website. Having a website helps create a professional brand image which only helps in creating a better customer base.

Make sure your website is mobile friendly, as most customers access shopping and other online sites via their phones. Additionally, having crisp landing pages with lesser content and more infographics to spread the word is an ideal way of catching your customers attention. Your customers are always strapped for time.

Make sure, you only update your website with your new launches, discounts, sale and more to keep your customers engaged. This not only assures a higher chance of returning customers but also better sales.

  • Having an engaging blog:

While your website helps add a more professional look, a blog helps you add value to your customers. An engaging blog not only helps improve your SEO and search ranking but also makes you a person of authority in your respective domain.

Some of the things you can cover on your blog are recent product launches, how-to-use tips, customer success stories and other relevant information in your field. Additionally, you can use this platform to gather more readership and engagement, which can redirect to your social media channels or website.

  • Active social media presence:

While a website and blog are more formal in nature, you can use your social media channels as an ideal channel for fun and informal interactions for your business. Some of the most prominent social media channels popular businesses use are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram.

Here, you can identify your target audience and customize your posts, as per their interests, activities and more. This is one of the most common ways to gain customer engagement. Social media is an ideal tool to get the attention of potential customers, hence it is a must-have for all small online businesses looking for entrepreneurial success.

  • Payment Gateway:

Once you have the attention of your customers, it is essential to cover the last mile of transactions. If your customers have any issues during their payment process, it’s less likely they would come back to your website again. Hence, having a payment gateway to help your customers with seamless transactions is of utmost importance.

We conducted a research on the top payment gateways in India, and here are the top 7 payment gateways, as per our research.

Running a successful online business takes time and effort. Hence, ensure these 4 timeless factors are incorporated in your business to ensure entrepreneurial success.


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