How to Make the Payment Process Easy for your Customers

Having a seamless payment process may just be the secret to acquiring and retaining your customers.

As a business owner, while you have your product and company sorted, it is also important to ensure your customer has an easy and secure payment process as well.

This blog will take you through the best practices in ensuring a positive user experience by easing out the payment process.

Tips on easing out the payment process:

  • Enable the payment process without a registered account:

Don’t force your users to sign up before following through with a process. At least for the first time users, allow them to have the first transaction without registering. This will help them navigate through your website without any “necessary hurdles.” Once they are done with the first transaction, you can encourage them to sign up with you for your newsletters or product launches. Your customers are more likely to volunteer to sign up with you when you provide them with a seamless process.

  • Keep redirects to a minimal:

This is especially in the case of completing the payment process. Why take your customers to another site for payments when you can get it on your own site? Check through the various payment gateway options available and pick the best. This will also help is keeping a constant branding from the process of viewing your website to completing the payment process.  This is the last mile of transactions, ensure it leaves a positive and lasting image for your customers.

  • Make it customer friendly:

Your customers are just normal human beings at the end of the day. They are bound to make mistakes. Be it entering the wrong email ID or even a shipping address. In such cases, make sure you make it easy for them to correct it. If they have not filled in a particular column, highlight it so that it is easier for them to navigate and then fill it in, enable auto-fills whenever possible. Keep this as customer friendly as possible to ensure they have a seamless experience engaging with you.

  • Ensure safe transactions:

Giving your card details to a complete stranger may be a difficult task for your first-time customers. With the multitudes of cyber crimes that plague the cyberspace only adds to the problem. Hence, the onus is on you to give your customers that reassurance that your business complies with the PCI Security Standards Council.

Additionally, make sure your website doesn’t look like a hoax. Ensure consistent design and minimal redirects during the payment process. As a business what an integrated payment process in place, publish your security standard certificates to help build their trust in you.

  • Clear instructions on the Call to Action buttons:

Always assume your customers are impatient. They are most likely making a quick spend over a boring meeting or dinner. Ensure you have clear and easy to understand CTA buttons to help them navigate. As an online store, you will have a cart and checkout option. Be sure to clearly indicate the “continue to checkout button” and “continue shopping” button on the checkout landing page. This will allow for an easy shopping experience, ensuring customer satisfaction.

In conclusion:

It is essential for you to pick what works best for your company. The best way to ensure is, is by experimenting and trying the various options available in the market today. Ensure you pick up tips that work best for you depending on the stage of your business and customer base. Following these tips will not only ensure an increase in sales and customer base but also ensure a seamless user experience.

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