Things to Focus on While Starting your New Online Store

Are you planning on taking your online store live, anytime soon?

Finding the secret formula that spells success can be difficult. While entrepreneurs lay deep emphasis on the product, they often times forget to add the human element which is essential to connect with your customers. This can be a huge mistake which can lead you down the path of failure. Hence, ensure you have a perfect blend of both to strike the perfect balance.

Through this blog post we will look into the nuances of what it takes to not only kick stat your online business, but also run it successfully.

Here are some elements that need your keen focus:

Connect with like-minded individuals:

Your online store will only gain momentum when your audience are genuinely excited to hear from you. This can happen only when you build a community of like-minded people around you. Additionally, once you have a community it is crucial for you to also keep them engaged via social media, your blogs and other such formal and informal communication.

Validate your idea:

One of the best ways of understanding the response your product is getting is by letting your target audience try out your product. After they have used the free trial, reach out to them and ask them if they will be willing to buy this product. If so, you will know that your product has been validated by its target audience. If they are not willing to pay for it, ask them what were the shortcomings they faced, collect the feedback and help better your product.

Be ready for feedback:

When you are first building your store, you are too close to the business and the product. To help truly get an unbiased perspective, you need a third person perspective. Hence, it is crucial for you to to be open to criticism and feedback.

SEO fundamentals:

While good content plays an important role in driving engagement, SEO helps rank your content and online store. A good SEO strategy can help you rank on the first page of the search results thereby helping more people read and engage with your store. Optimizing your store, landing pages, products and other content is a must-have to run a sustainable business.

Checklist before you start off your online store:

Whether you start of today or wait for an ideal time to kick start your journey here are some things you have to have before launching your store:

  • Identify your target audience
  • Have a defined sense of brand identity
  • Have social media content ready for a month in advance
  • Build connections – micro-influencers, macro-influencers, brand ambassadors and more.
  • Have a defined sense of the social media marketing channels you want to you to reach out to your customers. Additionally, have a well-defined strategy for how you will engage your customers there.
  • Have defined strategies on customer acquisition, retention with associated costs.
  • Be prepared for how you will tackle future challenges and hurdles you may face.

With this in hand, we hope you have an amazing Diwali which spells business success.

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